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news: August 19

Honestly, I wasn't planning on updating the blurb, but since I'm awake, I might as well say something.
First of all, there are two major reasons I couldn't get a strip up for Friday. Number one, I had to work Thursday night, and number two, I can't draw a fucking spaceship! Really. Why is this so difficult?!
Now that that's out of the way... I really must change this index page layout. I mean, geeze, I practically stole it from someone else! (and his still looks better than mine) I should probably use my blogger account, but I'm afraid of messing up this page.

August 17

Strip's going to be late. Yes, I love TV. Late. Late. Maybe sometime before Friday. There is paper and it's got pencilings on it. And I don't just mean the base layout lines. There are faces and wordbubble placements and I only really need to do one more panel before inking.

August 12

Did I say Friday? I meant Sunday. Yeah... that's it.
Ok... seriously... I want to keep working on this thing and to keep me from going insane trying to get out another seperate page for Sunday, this one's going there instead. Also... I edited this page a bit. Yay and stuff.

August 10

No strip today. Sorry, but I have lost home net access. Next strip should be up for Friday since the lack of access made it easy to put off finishing it. Details need to be added and all sorts of things. before I can try uploading at the library. (Hopefully, by then I won't need to.)

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